NICS Code of Ethics

The NICS Code of Ethics sets out the framework within which civil servants work and the values and standards of behavior they are expected to uphold.

The 1999 Order assigns the Commissioners the role of providing an independent appeals mechanism to civil servants to hear and determine appeals under the NICS Code of Ethics.

If you have raised an issue of concern under the Code of Ethics and you believe the response from your department or agency does not represent a reasonable response, you may report the matter in writing to the Civil Service Commissioners for Northern Ireland.

We have developed an NICS Code of Ethics: Core Guidance to outline among other things, the legal basis for Commissioners’ role; delegated responsibilities; service standards that the Commissioners work to and the Commissioners’ policy on vexatious and unreasonable complaints.

A new NICS Code of Ethics: Guidance for Departments has been written to advise Depts on the appeals process and the possible outcomes.

Under the 2006 Code of Ethics, we may now consider taking, direct, an appeal alleging breach of the Code without the internal process having been exhausted. For more detailed guidance on making an appeal, see “NICS Code of Ethics Guidance for Appellants“.