How We Do It

The Recruitment Code sets out the four principles which underpin the concept and practical application of recruitment on the basis of merit:

PRINCIPLE 1: Appointments should be made on merit.

PRINCIPLE 2: Appointment processes should be fit for purpose.

PRINCIPLE 3: Appointment processes should be fair and applied with consistency.

PRINCIPLE 4: Appointments should be made in an open, accountable and transparent manner.

It is mandatory for the NICS to ensure that their recruitment policies and procedures comply with the Recruitment Code.

Commissioners’ Senior Civil Service (SCS) 4 Stage Authorisation process is a key regulatory tool. This process requires HR Connect to provide assurances to Commissioners that the various requirements of the Recruitment Code and the NICS Recruitment Policy and Procedures manual have been met at each of the following stages of all Senior Civil Service appointments following:

  • finalisation of the recruitment documentation, seeking authorisation to proceed to advertise;
  • eligibility, sifting and shortlisting (if applicable), seeking authorisation to issue invitations to interview;
  • determination of the Merit List, seeking authorisation to issue a pre-employment offer to the candidate who heads the Merit List; and
  • successful pre- employment checks, seeking authorisation to issue the letter of employment.

Flowchart of the OCSC Northern Ireland Four Stage Authorisation Process - PDF 72Kb