Equality Scheme

The Equality Scheme is a statement of commitment to the promotion of equality and explains how the Civil Service Commissioners for Northern Ireland propose to fulfil their duties as defined in Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

The Equality Scheme Action Plan is a ‘living document’ and is key to the implementation of the Equality Scheme. The Action Plan is monitored and kept under review to enable Commissioners to respond appropriately to changes which will occur over time. Commissioners are committed to working in close partnership with key stakeholders in order to achieve the priorities outlined in the Action Plan.

Commissioners undertake a comprehensive review of the Equality Scheme every five years to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy. 

When developing and reviewing policies, Commissioners will assess the likely impact on the promotion of equality of opportunity and good relations through an equality screening or equality impact assessment (EQIA) as appropriate. 

Equality screening reports and impact assessments published in 2023-2024

Equality screening reports and impact assessments published in 2022-2023