Diversity Mark

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Commissioners are currently working towards Diversity Mark accreditation which is a mark of progress that publicly declares commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Diversity is about what makes each of us unique and includes our backgrounds, life experiences and beliefs, all of the things that make us who we are; it is a combination of our differences that shape our perspective and our approach to life. Diversity is also about recognising and valuing differences based on, for example, ethnicity, gender, age, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation. It also includes a range of individual attributes and experiences, such as communication style, life experience, educational background, marital status and other variables that influence our personal perspectives.

Inclusion is when people feel, and are, valued and respected regardless of their personal characteristics or circumstances, and where they:

  • have the opportunity to fulfil their individual and combined potential;
  • have access to opportunities;
  • can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve their organisation;
  • can bring far more of themselves to their jobs; and
  • have a sense of belonging.